Web Development Expertise


Project Management

Experts in management and agile methodologies with technical background

Software Development

Full stack Java and JavaScript developers proficient in developing and deploying web applications

Business Process Outsourcing

Organize development team in near or offshore countries and assure the communication

About Us

VVF Luxembourg was founded in 2003 by a group of freelancers who decided to take advantage of their experience on the market. We have been sharing our experience and know kow with other IT experts to provide highly skilled and experienced professionals ever since. We are constantly looking for new business partners, so don't hesitate to check out our jobs section if you would like to join us.

On top of that, VVF Luxembourg has the experience to provide outsourcing teams in low cost countries, carrying out fixed price projects or offshore teams in time and material bases. We offer: An expert window team in direct contact client who collect the requirements, and help if required to the analysis set up and test the conformity software provided. Outsourced developing team, coordinated by the window team. For more information jump to our contact section to get in touch.


  • JVM

    Java Technologies

    [Java, Scala]

    Spring, Akka, Play

    Functional OOP

    Maven, Gradle, sbt

    Jenkins, SonarQube, Jira


    MySQL, PostgreSQL



  • Node

    Micro Services

    [Go, Node.js, Docker]

    AWS, Azure

    npm, Gulp, Webpack

    GoCD, Trello


    MongoDB, DocumentDB


  • Angular & React & iOS

    Front-end & Mobile

    [Angular, React, iOS]

    Flux, Bootstrap


    FRP, RxJS

    Core Data, SQLite



We are actively looking for consultants with Java and JavaScript expertise with at least 2 years of experience all over the world. Knowledge of technologies mentioned in our technology section is highly appreciated. We offer flexibility in employment status (freelance luxembourgish permanent position working contract) and help on accommodation. Please feel free to send us your CV at jobs@vvfluxembourg.com

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Feel free to email us at info@vvfluxembourg.com for further information!

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